Love Samoa

Beautiful Samoa

The Treasure Islands, the Cradle of Polynesia, The Navigator Islands…

Pacific voyagers and explorers have called her by many names but the Islands of Samoa have always held a special place in the legends of the South Pacific. Widely believed to be the epicenter and birthplace of Polynesian Culture the fertile volcanic islands, pristine beaches and clear waters and abundant flora and fauna of Samoa have been inhabited by Polynesians for thousands of years.

The Samoan Islands remain relatively untouched and pristine even to this day and are home to some of the best organic produce in the world.

Samoa is lush with vegetation grown from fertile volcanic soil. The coconut tree grows all around the Island attesting to its resilience and to the environmental harmony of the islands.

Agriculture is an important mode for sustainable development of the livelihood of Samoa’s inhabitants.

Love Pacific is one such project that helps to benefit the community by providing sustainable employment opportunities and environmentally safe harvesting of natural resources for the benefit of people around the world.

Cultural Samoa

The Samoan Culture or ‘Fa’a Samoa’, like all Polynesian Cultures originates from the Traditions of the first people of the Pacific the ‘Lapita’.

The Samoan Culture represents an unbroken millennia old tradition which is centered on respect and love for others and harmony within the community and with nature.

At the center of Love Pacific is this Pacific Philosophy of love and harmony in the creation of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil based products grown and harvested organically in nature and benefiting local producers in Samoa.

Pacific Islanders have been using the purest forms of coconut oil to nourish and beautify their bodies for millennia.

Love Pacific represents a continuation of this tradition using only the finest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Samoa in the creation of natural body oils and soaps to beautify and revive your skin.