The Tree of Life

Love Your Skin

Organic Coconut Farmers in Samoa use cold pressed virgin coconut oil in combination with exotic fragrances to create Love Pacific Body Oil. This technique preserves all the natural nutrients, which is why Samoan Coconut Oil is revered for its purity, healing and beautifying properties. Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil forms the foundation of Love Pacific products.

Virgin coconut oil is organically extracted using traditional “cold press” methods as a means to ensure the highest quality Oil and the best results for your skin.

Organic farming and production means that the trees are grown in their natural environment in the fertile volcanic soil of Samoa. The nuts from the trees are carefully selected to ensure quality. Farming Organic means empowering our growers through fair trade practices and supporting the environment whilst producing the best possible performance for customers.


Natural Benefits of Coconut Oil

Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil is special. The coconut tree is the tree of life and the use of every part of it has been key to the survival of Pacific people for thousands of years. Samoan Coconut Oil is well known for its healing abilities and health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Protection against the elements
  • Moisturizing of the body, adding luster to the skin
  • Regenerating the skin by combating free-radicals
  • Anti-aging properties which smooth over the signs of aging

The Coconut Tree is central to the lives of the Pacific people providing nourishment, health supplementation, functional arts and crafts, natural jewelry and beauty by-products

Coconut Oil is an elixir from nature connecting you to the natural world in all its purity and power and it holds within it the essence of the Pacific. Long before science told us of the benefits of coconut oil our Pacific people knew of its magic.

Love Pacific continues in this tradition and shares the Pacific way for beauty and health with you.