Love Your Skin, Love Pacific

Love Pacific is a project of passion made in partnership by Janet’s a recognized and renowned cultural retailer in Samoa and Women in Business Development (WIBDI) a NGO with a mission to empower and create sustainable development pathways for people in Samoa.

Janet’s and WIBDI share a firm belief in creating sustainable pathways for local producers and crafters to make a living by allowing Samoan Cultural and Traditional practices to flourish.

Love Pacific is a community based project created to showcase the uniqueness of Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil and sources directly from certified organic farmers in Samoa. Love Pacific promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly business models involving as many certified organic farmers and producers as possible.


Live Pacific


Janet’s is one of the best-known and longest serving Cultural Retailers in Samoa specializing in Made in Samoa and Made in the Pacific Products. Janet’s is known for its Pacific Clothing, Fashion, Jewelry, Arts, Crafts and Cultural products.

Started in 1989 by artists Janet Sablan in Apia Samoa, Janet’s has since become one of the major driving forces for the promotion and sustainable development of the Samoan Cultural Arts.

Love Pacific is available exclusively at Janet’s stores in Samoa and online at


WIBDI has been instrumental in energizing the organic farmers for Love Pacific among its many other village based community projects in Samoa.

WIBDI stands by its dedication to strengthening Samoan village economies that honor indigenous customs and promote fair trade.

For Love Pacific, WIBDI involves as many local farmers as possible in the production of Love Pacific Oils and Soaps. WIBDI complements its values of community development with high standards of production. Learn more at